Wow, Mindfulness Has Gone Mainstream.

This weeks article of the week is the Cover Story of Time Magazine!

Wow, even Time Magazine has jumped on the mindfulness band wagon, with this cover story.  We can call it being present, beingWoman Sitting in Meditation in the moment or many other things to bring awareness into our multi-tasking fast paced life.  Being mindful helps us live in our truth, touch our intuition and inner guidance. It helps in settling those stress relate hormones, like cortisol and allow us to have more clarity and ultimately joy in our lives.  Mindfulness can be something as easy as slowly savoring your meal and enjoying every bite. Stopping to watch the sunset and admire mother natures brilliance, while being in the moment, even watching  birds at your feeder. Many tell us we can get there through mediation.  But mediation can be tricky sometimes, when our mind takes us on roller coaster ride of thoughts.  The idea is to be the witness of those thoughts and not engage in them.  Easy to say, harder to do.  It is easier if we can build a foundation first and that can be made with lifestyle choices.  There are many ways to go about it.  Here a few ideas’ on how:

Eat the right food:  Food that makes us feel energized, vibrant and balanced is a better choice than food that will make you feel numb, jittery and heavy.  One of the reasons so many yogi’s,  Indian mystics and Buddhists were and are vegetarian.  It keeps the mind open and clear.  It doesn’t cloud with heaviness or fog to eat vibrant healthy food.  Alcohol, coffee, foods that are processed and sugar, even dairy, wheat and meat all have this effect, mainly because they cause inflammation in our bodies.  We know inflammation isn’t good and is the cause of dis-ease in our bodies.

Get Moving: Many of us have heard yoga was designed to prepare the body for long hours of meditation.  Besides getting the good endorphins going in our bodies, movement also allows us to get in touch with bodies and our intuition.  We have become very unaware of our bodies and movement helps us get back in touch.  It can also help ground us and center us.  Runners call it the runners high, where there is no thought.  This is great building block for mindfulness.  It’s the space between the thoughts we are looking for and not attaching to the them when we have them.  Yoga brings it, for me skiing and mountain bike both bring this space where I am not thinking, just in the flow!

Get Some Sleep: We are society that doesn’t sleep anymore.  We sleep with the tv on, a computer or iPad on our bed.  We have forgotten the natural rhythm of sleeping, meaning go to bed when you are tired, wake when you are refreshed, with the sunrise.  Instead we take prescriptions to help us sleep or we toss and turn all night in our over caffeinated bodies.  You are more susceptible to dis-ease if you don’t get 7 plus hours of sleep.  The hours of sleep can vary for each person.  But to bed by or before 10 is good place to start.

With a strong fountain we can connect to our inner guidance, knowing or intuition.  This will lead us to live a more mindful life.  We are able to step back, be in the moment and allow life to unfold graciously.

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