Whew, It’s Finally Done! Explore The New Website.

Wow! I’m so excited to say that the major part of the redesign of my website is done. I can’t wait for your feedback, comments, recommendations for further improvements, and general reaction!  When I say done I don’t mean complete or perfect.  I know my site will never be that and will always be a work in progress, as I grow and evolve.  I have to put a huge thank you out to two people who helped me along the way.  Lisa DeYoung at Mountain Mermaid Studios, for redoing my logo with her own unique calligraphy and Chanda Klco, my yoga teacher and fellow spiritual seeker who was one of my peer coaches through B-school and beyond.  We meet weekly to mastermind our businesses, websites, marketing and discuss ways to be a spiritual entrepreneurs. Thank you ladies, I hope you know how much I appreciate your help and support.  Here’s a peek at the logo Lisa did for me!  

I also owe a huge credit to Marie Forleo over at B-school and Mastin Kipp at The Daily Love!  Marie puts on a once a year, 8 week,  kick-ass, online marketing program that is truly amazing and inspirational.  I started b-school at a point where I knew I wasn’t attracting my idea clients.  I was having a hard time figuring out who I wanted to reach and what I wanted to say with my messages.  Mastin, over at the Daily Love, provided a small group of us, a place to learn more in-depth, about our beliefs, what was holding us back, to learn to ask for help from our fellow Daily Love B-Schoolers and he gave us a wonderful all day workshop in New York City last month.   His workshop helped me get over my perfectionist ways, ask for help and launch this new site and my new offerings, even though I didn’t feel like I was ready.  My 48 hours in NYC with Mastin’s mentoring helped me get over the loss of a relationship in my life and come out the other, side feeling more empowered and stronger, with a better sense of my own unique talents and how I can offer them to others.   Take some time to check them out, both are what Oprah is calling the next generation of thought leaders!  I feel blessed and lucky to be able to learn from them.

Through Mastin’s workshop I came out with this mantra on my purpose:

” The purpose of my life is to be connected to myself and my higher power and experience the excitement that results while I am inspiring others to do the same, along with feeling joy, abundance and freedom in my life that this excitement creates”

A little about the redesign

What’s new? My goal with the redesign was to create a website that will provide you with valuable content and conversations.  I want to create an online community of support, love and inspiration.  As a constant student and spiritual seeker, I am continuing learning and find that I don’t have all the answers and that we all learn together, inspiring and supporting each other to be our very best.  This can only be done in community.  Our path right now, as Human Being, is to come together and to learn that together we are so much stronger together than apart.  To ground the incoming age of Aquarius into ourselves, our communities, our world and Mother Earth. Through my journey in B-school, I have also found that I am a talented business coach and with 25 plus years of sales, marketing, management and planning for my real estate business and company I owned.  Along with my tenure on my local and state association of Realtors, I have a keen business sense and can intuitively see where people want to go and what is holding them back from being in that place.  I also spent many years incorporating what it meant to be a spiritual business person/entrepreneur into what I did. Now I want to help empower others to do the same.  With that said, my focus is shifting to the area’s I am passionate about, shifting more into self-awareness, getting in touch with your spirituality, (whatever that is for you), career and business, relationships and food. I love food, I am a foodie and lover of all things around food. ( My secret dream would be to be on Food Network Star, haven’t shared that one before).

I do believe that good nutrition and not eating crap is still very important and that you can’t have all those other things unless you feel good and to feel good, nutrition plays a huge role.  It will still be a part of what I teach and share,  but what I am finding with my clients is stress, a lack of feeling connected to community or a spiritual practice, unhappiness in one of those area’s are really the triggers to nutritional issues.  I am finding I am working less and less on weigh loss, dieting and focusing on whole foods, smoothies and juicing to help my clients raise their vibration by eating food that is alive.  With their vibration raised, we can work on those other areas and see great results.  My tag line has always been “Intuitive and Nutritional Guidance to Transform Your Life”.  I think early on many people pegged me as a nutritionist and dieting expert.   That, I am not!  I was attracting people who just wanted me to give them weight loss advice and meal plans. They were not my true ideal client.  As the past year has shown me, to live a happy and healthy life, you have to encompass the whole being and look at everything and 80% of people perceived issues with food are really lie in lifestyle choices.  For those who follow me on Facebook or Twitter you know, most of my post are about self-awareness and growth rather than eat this or don’t eat that.  With that in mind I have been fine tuning my message and website to fit more in lines with what I am passionate about and more in line with what I really do with my clients.

My other passion is a completely new section call Sacred Kitchen. I am so excited about this area. I will be discussing what it means to have a Sacred Kitchen.   We will work with various energies and learn how to bring that feeling into your home and how to infuse that into what you cook and share with friends and family.  I will explore ways to make a kitchen alter, bring color, design and Feng Shui in, how to connect with your inner chef or foodie, how to get creative again or maybe for the first time and inspire you to make meals that will heal and create the vibration of love!  We will learn what it’s like to embrace various cultures and foods, exploring a Moroccan themed dinner on a warm summer night or a noisy French Bistro.   I plan to develop some courses around this area, both in person and online.  Anyone who knows me, knows my passion lies in creating food that not only nourishes our bodies but our souls too.  I want to help others to learn how to bring that heart, soul and love into their foods.  You can have two people follow the same recipe with the same ingredients and not have the food taste the same or have the same vibrational quality. Ever notice if the cook is having a bad day that you may end up feeling off too?  Ever wonder if their bad vibe wore off on you through the food?  We will explore this and so much more in this area around our kitchens being sacred.  We will play with our intuition (big time), feminine energy and creativity to bring the sacred into our lives and into our homes.  I am so inspired to share this with everyone!

What’s next?

Since Mastin, said launch before you are ready I am still changing and rewriting area’s, to go with the direction my multi passionate mind is taking me, come back often and check out the changes.  If this resonates with you, sign up for my email list where you get updates on my recent blog post and things I only share on email.  There’s a form below, simply fill it out.  I would love to hear some feedback from you, on the site, what you would like to see me cover and what you think about the Sacred Kitchen and what you would like to learn in this area.  Use the comments below. Thank you and I always appreciate the kind and supportive comments and with your help we can make this a supportive place to learn and grow. If you know someone who may benefit from what I offer, please share with them, post on your Facebook or Twitter pages. In celebration of my relaunch next week I will be offer some free email courses for you.  If you sign up for the newsletter you won’t miss the announcement.

As always, stick with me, together we will discover ways to use your intuition and inner guidance to create a life you love!,





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