Simple Ways to Detox Your Body and Mind!

Are you feeling overwhelmed, tired, bloated and sluggish?  

I know I am.  Our bodies and our minds are constantly processing, food, drink, thoughts and emotions.  The past few weeks for me have been crazy with several business and personal items going on in my life.  I feel like my life, my mind and my body are going 100 miles per hour.  I taught a detox workshop last week and talked with the participants about ways to detox their diet and their minds. I found as I was getting ready to teach the class, that there is soooo much information out there and everyone has their solutions to cleansing or detoxing, some even competing. I know for myself, I can’t take a week off and do the master cleanse or feel bad and not be able to work or function. My goal with my workshop was to make it easy, good feeling and fun!  As spring is finally coming to my mountain community and I started to plant some things in my garden last week, I know I am ready to work on my diet, my stress and my habits that need cleaning up.  Here are few things we talked about in the workshop and some more I am currently working on to help with this stressful time.

  • Noticing where my negative thoughts and mind chatter come up and witnessing them as the observer. 1515048_10151948525889177_1977267941_n

Thoughts that float around in our heads on a daily basis condition you in how you think and deal with situation.  Do you tend to think about the past or worry about the future?  Do you start your day on positive note?  How do you deal with disappointing and irritation daily life situations?  The observer is the neutral, non-judgmental aspect of ourselves that allows us to witness our thoughts, feelings and sensations. We can cultivate it by paying attention and staying in the present moment. We can watch the though without having to act on it or associate a feeling with it.  It does not judge or interpret the thought.  When we are the observer we don’t have to attach a story to the emotions and we notice the emotion without the added commentary.  (I was upset because so and so did XYZ).  We place no blame or judgement,  past or future on the thought.  When those negative thoughts come up, say out loud or to yourself  “Happiness is a choice, I choose to make it now”.   Tweet this! One way that can help is to start a habit of journaling to give yourself a regular outlet for the emotions, regrets or worries.  When the thoughts come up turn them into positive ones.  Surround yourself with positive people.  Begin your day with caring for your mind and spirit

  • Take a technology break

Have a low-tech day once a week.  Keep the TV, computer and phone turned off.  Get off social media for a day or even a week.  The world will still be around if you do.  I have been taking as much time as possible off of Facebook and it has been hard because I am involved in two Facebook pages for B-School.  So I only jump in when I need to and I try not to go to my wall if I can. Instead, go for a walk, work in your garden, try a meditation technique, attend a yoga class, get some exercise outside or go to the gym.  Pull out your mat and start a home practice.  Don’t fill your day with your to-do list either.  Make it a day for connecting with yourself, with others or with nature.  Another way is to eliminate technology at least an hour prior to going to bed and same upon waking.  Do some journaling, meditation, light yoga or stretching and get your body either ready to sleep or ready to wake up.  Many of us check email first thing when we get up.  I am working on giving myself an hour in the morning before I turn any electronics on.  That way I can think about my day ahead, I can meditate or write or just watch the birds at the feeder.  This way the day has a chance to present itself before I have gone into full steam ahead.

  • Try oil pulling and tongue scraping

Both are great ways to remove toxins from you mouth and body.  Your tongue can get a coating called ama and it reflects metabolic debris.  Tongue scraping in the morning is an effective way to remove this coating and ama toxins.  Oil pulling will whiten teeth, improve oral health and help remove toxins systemically from your body.

  • Do a three to seven-day gentle food detox plan

Fill you plate with delicious seasonal food.  They will aid your body in getting rid of toxins naturally.  The spring season is full of plenty of IMG_0163natural fruits and vegetables that do just that.  Isn’t it interesting how mother nature provides us with tender cleansing greens, liver cleansing artichokes, luscious avocado’s, the last of the citrus, peas, onions and garlic.  We are coming off of winters heavy stews, soups and roasted foods and wanting, lighter more cleansing foods.

For this detox, foods to avoid:  processed foods (anything that comes in a package), sugar, wheat, dairy, meat (including poultry and fish), alcohol and caffeine including tea and chocolate.

Foods to increase: whole unprocessed foods, vegetables, fruits, seeds, fresh pressed juices,  smoothies, and of course drink lots of water, at least 1/2 your body weight in ounces.  It will help flush out the any toxins that are being released.

This  type of detox won’t tax your system, make you feel hungry, woozy or praying for it to end.  You can still go out with friends or have dinner with your family.  Basically our plan is take your digestion on a vacation and allow the liver and kidneys the opportunity to do what they are meant to do and not be over stimulated.

I would love to hear if you have ever done a detox or cleanse before, if so, how did it go, how did you feel and would you do it again?  Use the comment area below and tell us about your experience!  Want idea’s to work on your mindset, recipes and support in starting, lets chat and review options on how we can work together. Having someone to support through a cleanse or detox will help you stay on track and be accountable.  I am here to help, call me!

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  1. Thanks for all your great ideas Lisa! I’m ready for my little detox next week. And we’ll have to get out for a walk or something next week, too.

    • I can’t wait to hear how it goes! One of the other people from the workshop has been doing the diet for the last 10 days, and feeling great, no more inflammation, joints feel better and has more energy! That’s what I like to hear! Post here how it is going! Thanks! Hugs!

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