Ways to create more joy in your life.

Have you thought about joy and how to be joyous!  Joy is not outside of you, someone can’t give it to you as a gift, those are day 1 photoonly fleeting experiences of joy.  It can only come from you, if you want to sustain it and keep attracting more. Only you can create joy in your life.  Yes, I will say many things in life can bring you joy, a new baby,  children playing, puppies and your dog or cat, but that is usually only for a short period of time and then your mind goes back to the negativity or mind chatter. .  I will also agree, some people just are joyful and some people like me have to work at it.  Maybe it’s in their wiring, upbringing or they have found the keys to creating joy in their life and have them dialed in better than most of us. Me I have to work at it.   I think many of us find ourselves in the in-between states in our lives.  Our life or our experiences in it are somewhat flat, lackluster and blah. They aren’t bad, but they are joyous either.   Where does that take you, the yes and the no are pretty easy, it’s the sometimes, that makes us feel a little more uncertain.  What keys have those joyful people found and how can we cultivate them ourselves.

  • Find others things in your life that bring you joy and focus on those.
  • Write a list of positive aspects or a gratitude list of the things you are grateful in your life or the positive aspects of something or someone.
  • Pre-pave your day as Esther Hicks and Abraham tell us.  They talk about getting yourself on high-flying note as you are waking up.  Start to imagine you day on a positive note.   Don’t start your day with I have to go work today, again.  I hate that I don’t have windows in my office. Traffic is bad today, it’s always bad!   Focus on the positive aspects of your life.   The sunrise was beautiful today.   I took  time to walk, journal, mediate or do yoga to start my day.  Line up the things you want to have happen, you hit all the lights right, that project you have been working gets acknowledge by your boss, you are having lunch with a good friend, line it up, focus on what you want not what you don’t want.
  • Find ways to bring joy into that situation that just ho-hum, if it’s you work, maybe update your workspace, add some flowers, a family picture or something that inspires you. If it’s a relationship, find a fun activity you both enjoy together.  Watch an uplifting or funny movie, find some things within your relationship that can be fun, not just the usual.  
  • Spend time with animals or children, they are always full of joy.
  • Be childlike,develop your curiosity and wonderment.  For me at low point in my life, my way of starting my day was loving and snuggling with my dog Maya.  I focused on her, didn’t let other thoughts come into my mind and just spent 15 minutes or so doing that.  She loved it and it help me raise my vibration and I was able to start my day without my to-do list or negative thoughts creeping in before breakfast.
  • Discover something new, surprising or refreshing
  • Notice what is right about the world
  • Be grateful, having gratitude about even the smallest things
  • Find something creative to do.  This increases dopamine in your brain, the feel good hormone.  Especially when we stretch ourselves just a bit with our creativity.
  • Listen to uplifting music
  • Savor more
  • Get outside and get outside and your move your body!
  • Most of all , when you have a choice, choose joy!

I could keep going on and on with the list, but you get the idea, it’s really about choice and we all have choice.  It can mean leaving a situation that doesn’t bring you joy and you know it, or finding ways to increase it in one that you can!  Those joyful people out there, make the effort to choose it every day!  So can you!

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