Want to learn how to create abundance in your life around money and debt?

U.S. Coins and Paper Money

I am excited to announce Mia Foley is coming to town again this month with another one of her amazing workshops.  In this workshop we will look at money, credit card debt and how to create abundance in your life.  This 2 hour workshop will give you many practical tools to move blocks and clear you money space!

Healing Credit Card Debt


Creating Abundance in

Your Life! 

A Develop Your Intuition Workshop

 Clear the energy of debt

Own your money space

Find your true vibration of Abundance!

Since seating is limited, please contact Mia or myself  if you are

planning to attend.

When:  Sunday, May 19th, 12-2pm

Where:  222 F Street (upstairs), Salida

Price:  $35

Contact:  Mia Foley





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