Walking the Labyrinth!

Have you taken time this week just to be, for even a few moments?  To take a deep breath, to slow down and allow your body to relax.  We spend so much of our time in stress, most of the time we don’t even know we are stressed!  Do this, multi task here, accomplish this and earn a living to pay for that.  It’s no wonder stress is one of the leading causes of weight gain, inflammation  and health issue in our society.

Today, I was graced with the opportunity to walk this wonderful labyrinth, I discovered a few years ago.  It was a moment out of my busylabyrinth day of running errands to do a walking mediation.  It was the breath of fresh air, that aaahhh moment.   A time to let my body relax into the prayer of just being and noticing.  Labyrinths are wonderful things.  They can be small, large, inside a space or outside in the sunlight.  They can be as small as a hand-held one that you “walk” with your fingers.  Heck, you could even imagine one in you minds eye and walk it.

A little labyrinth history:  A labyrinth is an ancient symbol that relates to wholeness.  It represents a journey to our own center and back out again into the world.  They have long been used as a tool for meditation and prayer.  When we walk them and it is a metaphor for life’s journey.  It is a symbol that creates a sacred space and place.  It takes us out of our ego to that which is within. A labyrinth is a right-brained task.  It involves intuition, creativity and imagination.  I usually ask a question or set an intention for what I would like information on and walk the labyrinth.  Once in the middle part I wait and allow any information to come to me.  When that feels complete, I begin my walk back out from inside myself into the world again!  Yesterday I needed clarity on something and also wanted to hold a friend in love and light, who needs it right now.  When I finished my walk I felt lighter and more at ease with my situation and the situation around the friend.  I also had an unexpected french kiss from a dachshund on a stroll with his mom.  She said, he is friendly, but I have never seen him jump up and start kissing someone and get that excited!  For whatever reason this little guy saw the contentment and peacefulness in my spirit!  The animals are wonderful reminders of where we are in our space.

One of the most famous labyrinth is located in the Chartres Cathedral near Paris, France. The labyrinth at Chartres was built around labyrinth11200.  They can be found in many churches, parks and communities all around the world.  If you want to find one go to the labyrinthlocator.com website.  I put in Colorado and found 93 within the state.  You can find them in most unlikely places.  I found one just past the golf course at Hyatt in Maui.  It was amazing to walk, with ocean waves crashing and spray hitting us as we walked it. it wasn’t in any guidebooks and we just happened upon looking for something that was in a guidebook  The one I walked today was just off the bike path in Oro Valley, AZ.  Crazy you can find a place to just be right in the middle of a busy area in Tucson.

A few years ago, I read an amazing book that taught me the beauty of Labyrinths, The Expected One, by Kathleen McGowan.  It is first in a series of 3, followed by The Book of Love and The Poet Prince.  McGowan weaves a story around the lineage of Mary Magdalene.  The labyrinth, throughout the books, becomes a means for meditation and prayer.

Take some time from your busy schedule and discover the secrets of a labyrinth!

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