Walking The Labyrinth, My Yearly Return!

IMG_0008YAY! I have been in Tucson for well over a month and I finally had a chance to visit the Labyrinth for the first time this year.  Last year when I was down here, I wrote about Labyrinths, their meaning and significance.  If you want to learn more about them read Walking the Labyrinth.  I gave some history and links in that post.  Today, I wanted to focus on my journey in the Labyrinth.  It’s like the song  lyric, “I went in seeking clarity” in the song Closer to Fine, by the Indigo Girls.  When I entered the Labyrinth, my intention was to seek clarity on some things in my life.  When I set my intention and walked in, I was able to just be, to let go of everything and walk in mindful meditation. As I walked it, my message came through from the quite place in my heart and soul.  It said, ya gotta walk your talk and do what it takes to have a spiritual life everyday.  My yoga teachers talks about,  when you can just drop from doing and thinking to being,  bringing the darkness into light and the unconscious conscious. That is where my soul is telling me to operate life from. This labyrinth is in a busy part of town right off a busy road and a bike path.  There are people walking and biking by and traffic noises, but it is also on the edge of a wash full of birds and yesterday I even saw the Trickster coyote in the wash, during mid-day.  By just stepping in and setting my intention, I was able to allow all the noise of cars and passerby’s drop.   The only way to find clarity in your life is be a spiritual person everyday.  How do you do that?  To shut down the noise in your mind, the chatter, negativity,  the I should’s and I have to’s!  I knew I had to bring what I practice on the yoga mat to daily life, in even more.  The feelings and emotions that pop up,  I don’t have to respond to them, I can just kindly bring awareness to them.  I have to admit I am not a great mediator, it seems like it’s 20 minutes of to-do list, rehashing something upsetting, thinking how hard this is, you know the drill…… the list goes on from there.  For me, my Yoga Nidra practice offers a deep, deep meditative space, where I have no effort, it’s truly amazing.  I wrote a post about that too, here’s the link. Also, walking meditations, like the labrynith, being in nature and several other things help me to ground myself and find that space of oneness with all that is.  I also find that doing my clairvoyant readings allows me so much insights and usually what someone else is working is what I am working too, so the message is as much for me as it is for them.

It’s easy for me to get so caught up in day-to-day life, that I forget to be grateful or appreciate life and hold that space of love.  It really is about spending your days in reverence and gratitude.   It’s about showing up every day wanting to do this spiritual thing just a little better.  Dig a little deeper in the well, see what you can unearth and released it to the universe.  Wayne Dyer has said many times we are spiritual beings have a human experience.  To be human is to love.  That is one things we as humans have is the ability to love.  As I dug deeper into you have to be more spiritual and thought about it more, one thing I know for sure is be more spiritual we have to be more loving.  So, yes bringing in more daily practices, trying to explore joy in my life and noticing my emotions, all really leads to loving myself and loving others and extending that love to the planet.


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