There, I said it!

Lisa’s note about this blog.  I wrote this last week and it has taken me almost a week to post it!  As I let this settle for a few days I had some more realizations blossom, added them and with that, the time fermenting so to speak, was good!  I also had a weekend long conference with my school and listened to many inspirational graduates and teachers, which also made me realize that true Transformation, is about learning to love yourself and that it comes from the heart and not the head.  Your can’t intellectualize yourself into wholeness, to lose weight or to start mediating daily.  It has to come from the HEART!  With that said, the rest of this post comes truly from my authentic self and my heart.  It is also part of the process I would take clients through to find their heart and authentic selves! 

This next post was going to be about GMO’s and a new study that found they cause cancer in rats….. that will be next I promise!  But this one needs to be a little more personal, about me and my process to define my business and who I want to serve.  And yes serve is the word that works, although I retyped with a couple of others to make sure that is what I am getting.  Because I want to be of service to others.  I want to help show the way to new things and maybe even new levels of consciousness.  My goal is help them connect to their heart and not their intellect, to make changes in their life. Also to  serve a higher being of myself, that came to this planet or time space reality,  (as Abraham channeled by Esther Hicks calls it) and to be here now in this time of great change.  Yes, I do read and listen to “channelled messages.”  I have even come up with things that I know were not mine and came from somewhere else, either deep inside me or somewhere outside me, so if that is the definition of channelling, I do it!  Sometimes very profound things come from that space of my heart, that I know weren’t from the me who is sitting here in this chair, those sparks of knowledge and inspiration.

As the universe does, it gave me a little wake-up call over the weekend.  The universe granted me a front row seat on looking at how I “do” my new career.  As many people have asked in past couple years “and what do you do for a living?” I am guilty of it also as a conversation starter!  One big thing I received is that this isn’t a living for me, it’s a purpose/calling or what I am supposed to be doing.  I already had the “make a living” career, it was unfulfilling on many levels, although I loved the people I worked with clients and partners. I had been looking at my new career through the lens of my old paradigm, the type A, male dominated world I operated in.  I realized I was trying to fit into a cookie cutter mold.  I was trying to be like everyone else who is a”health coach” from Integrative Nutrition, doing pantry makeovers and grocery store tours.  Yes those are important too, but they aren’t where I can be the most effective in someones life. This hello from the universe smacked me in the face and let me know that is not me and that is not what I am here to do in the bigger picture of things.  Once I saw the negative effect this encounter caused and where it took me in my mind, I realized that my purpose is help people through these crazy times.  Maybe clear the path a little way and offer insights into where we are going.   I believe we are evolving as a society into more compassionate and loving beings.  I understand for many ,where the planet is right now, it doesn’t seem that way or that we will ever get there!  But we see pockets of people, little voices uniting and saying it doesn’t have to be this way!  We see people making profound changes in their lives, by changing their diet, changing their habits, trading the fear and negative thoughts for more positive ones. Becoming more loving people.  I saw a movie last week called May I Be Frank. (watch it if you get a chance).  It is about someone who wanted to give up on life and instead trusted some twentysomethings to feed him raw food for 42 days, do colonics and say positive affirmations.  The turn around was amazing!  In the end, after a relapse, he got it.  We are not human doing we are human Be-ing.  So much of what is going on is because we lost that sense of our higher self, that sense that there things beyond us, but not so beyond we can’t understand them.

After some time this weekend, I came to realize what an astrologer told me a long time ago, that I am bridge, a bridge to get people to the other side and that other side is to themselves.  So yes, I do clairvoyant/intuitive readings, I help teach classes on spirit guides, astral travel and finding your intuitive self.  I have been to my akashic record keeper and looked at my files.  I have experienced many past lives, future and even parallel lives.  I have played in realms of fairy’s and crystals. I love all that is esoteric, what some consider new age and mystical and spiritual. I love different religions, beliefs and cultures, because they just point out that at the basis of it all we are all one.  My teachers are Carolyn Myss, Robert Ohotto, Barbara Brennan, Barbara Marks Hubbard, Esther Hicks who channels Abraham, Suzanne Lie/Carroll, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton and the list goes on from there.   My jag into the negative, gave me the positive.  It made me look at my gifts, my unique self and how I want to approach my life and my business.  It made me realize that I am not offering just nutritional support for someone to lose weight or clean out their pantry.  I am offering to help heal those area’s that still hurt, still need nurturing, give perspective and knowledge from someone who is on the bridge calling you over to the other side!  So there I said it and I said loud and clear because we know that what we believe manifests and what we say, the universe will hear. Until I could fully accept myself with all my talents and those things I didn’t want to talk about because people may think I am weird.  And I got to heal them. I can step into this moment, in the NOW and be that person I have always known was there  and now is ready to come out.

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  1. So inspiring Lisa! May we all have the courage to show up authentically, regardless of other’s approval or disapproval. You are a great wayshower and lightworker! Thanks!

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