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Make Over My Medicine Cabinet!

Make Over My Medicine Cabinet!

Another in the Thursday Night Happy Hour Series

Learn healthy ways to get your happy on! 

In this workshop you will learn easy approaches to a varieties of “life’s little emergencies, using plant-based biochemistry. Decrease the cost of your health care and eliminate side effects of the drug approach to health, using healing essential oils.

What is even your medicine cabinet, expired, out of date prescriptions or over the counter drugs that cause more harm than good many times. As we know our current system isn’t working, we are taking more prescriptions than ever for illnesses that can easily be fixed at home with essential oils. We can learn to take care of ourselves and our family’s with pure and potent plant medicine that mother nature has shared with us. This amazing gift of medicine you feel comfortable using and sharing with your family.

Includes a drawing for a Introductory Kit, including Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint, a $20 value! 

Please RSVP in the form below and add any specific health concerns you have so we can cover them in the workshop.

Want to learn how to solve “life’s little emergencies”?

This medicine cabinet workshop teaches easy approaches to a variety of “life’s little emergencies,” using essential oils.  If you are worried about the products in your home,  this free workshop shows you how to replace those products in your medicine cabinet with safe, natural and effective essential oils.  I have invited a friend and fellow health… Keep Reading

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