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Wellness at Work!

Wellness at Work!

July’s Thursday Night Happy Hour!

Do you have a stressful job?

 Do you experience anxiety at work?

 Do you want to increase your energy, clarity and alertness?

Do you want to have better relationships with your co-workers, boss or employee’s?

Then this workshop is for you!  You will learn easy and effective tools  and tips to improve your mood, increase confidence and have more energy and less stress.  You will learn how to create more team unity and satisfaction in your work whether you are a solo-penuer or work at large company.  Find ways to make work more fun and satisfying again!

This is a FREE Thursday Night Happy Hour Workshop, where you learn healthy ways to get your happy on!  

RSVP on the form below and let me know what area’s you would like to know more about in your work environment!  





Spring Detox Workshop, Thursday March 27th!

Wow the equinox is this week on Friday, the sign that we will see more light than darkness.  Whew, I always love this point in the year, longer days, spring showers bringing life back to our winter landscape.  It is a time for growth, renewal and new energy coming to the northern hemisphere.  With that… Keep Reading

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