Sacred Kitchen

Sacred Kitchen

The Sacred Kitchen, forming alchemy in your kitchen and food.

For as long as man has been around we have connected to nature, spirit, family and friends through food and the rituals behind the food we grow, eat and cook.  You will learn how to transform your life though the simple act of cooking and eating.

“Food isn’t just nourishment, it is the thread that connects us to each other and to the earth”  Josh Viertel

In this section we will explore the rituals, recipes and ideas around making your kitchen sacred and magical!  You will fall in love with food, cooking and eating.  You will learn how to be nourished by a whole new spiritual relationship with food.  You may even create amazing health in yourself and your family but bringing back our reverence for what we eat, how we prepare it and how we share it with friends and family.

I have always regarded food as sacred, learning to cook from my little Italian grandmother, bringing that forth for family and friends, dinner parties and picnics.  I even did a brief stint in catering with my best friend Patty.  My hope was to bring this love of food into others worlds and make it beautiful, tasty and nourishing of body and soul!

I am so excited to birth this process, so keep looking back to this page and see what develops and learn how you can create your very own sacred kitchen!