Ways to create more joy in your life.

Have you thought about joy and how to be joyous!  Joy is not outside of you, someone can’t give it to you as a gift, those are only fleeting experiences of joy.  It can only come from you, if you want to sustain it and keep attracting more. Only you can create joy in your… Keep Reading

What Brings You Joy?

I was just having a conversation with a friend about being in a job that energetically makes her feel small when she walks in the door. We went round and round and end up back where we started at the beginning, trying to dissect do you stay or do you move on.  The beginning of… Keep Reading

Does January 1st Start Out Like This? The same old resolutions?

  Does January 1st start our like this? lose weight, eat better, eat more vegetables get a new better job, get a promotion, get a raise grow your business, spend more time with family or friends get in shape, go to the gym more, run more, exercise more work less, more vacations, get more sleep… Keep Reading

Do you struggle with self-doubt and self-sabotage?

“You must change your mindset in order to fulfill your purpose!“ Reset Your Mindset in 7 Simple Days Are you in need of dropping resentment in your life? Do you need help with changing your mindset to one of positivity? Are you tired of feeling anxious and unfocused? Do you need assistance with letting go… Keep Reading

I am filled with Love and Joy!

It’s Christmas Eve, a very special day in the Bova family, as it was my grandmothers birthday.  In the tradition of the Italian families, Christmas eve was the feast of the seven fish! In celebration of her birthday and the feast we had a huge family dinner at my grandparents house.  Everyone came and everyone… Keep Reading

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