Wow, Mindfulness Has Gone Mainstream.

This weeks article of the week is the Cover Story of Time Magazine! Wow, even Time Magazine has jumped on the mindfulness band wagon, with this cover story.  We can call it being present, being in the moment or many other things to bring awareness into our multi-tasking fast paced life.  Being mindful helps us… Keep Reading

10 Ways to Feel Better Now!

Ok we survived the Valentines holiday and have a several weeks until Easter.  Hopefully you threw out the rest of the chocolates!  If you haven’t yet please do.  I know the grocery store is full of easter candy already and dang those Jelly Beans are so tempting.  Before you steer you cart down the Easter… Keep Reading

Inspiring Articles on Health, Wellness and 2014 Tapping Summit

First off, Tuesday February 24 starts ten days of the 6th Annual World Tapping Summit.  If you haven’t had a chance to watch any of the three pre-event videos, they are all still available on this page: The three videos feature Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Lissa Rankin and Nick Ortner, who is hosting this online… Keep Reading

Walking The Labyrinth, My Yearly Return!

YAY! I have been in Tucson for well over a month and I finally had a chance to visit the Labyrinth for the first time this year.  Last year when I was down here, I wrote about Labyrinths, their meaning and significance.  If you want to learn more about them read Walking the Labyrinth.  I… Keep Reading

Good Reading For This Week!

I know, I know, I have been writing a lot on my blog about spirituality, finding your joy, resetting your mindset and other non-nutritional topics.  I bet you are wondering, what’s all that have to do with nutrition!  Well a lot in my book, probably more than the actual food itself!  I read a lot… Keep Reading

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