Nutrition and how food affects us vibrationally!

It’s always funny how when you are looking for something you can’t find it, but when you aren’t you find it.  I have been trying to find a good explanation of how food affects us vibrationally, that you can put into easy terms and not have a THE_TENTH_DOOR_BIGPhD in Physic’s.  I found it in a book I am reading, The Tenth Door, by Michele Hebert.  I just happened to grab this book a while back when I was in store looking for a book on Fairies.  It was one of those that looked interesting and so I grabbed it for future reading.

I started it today and in the book she talks about how she started working at Walt Baptiste restaurant the Hungry Mouth, for trade out for taking yoga classes at his studio.  She goes on to explain his idea’s on food and how people who frequent the restaurant are looking for more than just a salad.  Whether they knew it or not they were looking for nurturing of a deeper sort.  A quote that was in the kitchen said

“Be aware of what you think while you cook.  Your nature is an ingredient in the pots and plates.  Food has a chemical effect and a karmic result.”  Walt Baptiste

Think about that, the idea that someones thoughts and attitudes can go into a dish along with salt and pepper.  The chef at the time, did have a PhD in Physics .  He discussed with Michele, how food and specific neurotransmitters are responsible mood and energy.  That there is food and real food, that energizes and uplifts us.  Pure food is as close to mother nature as possible.  It is not altered or changed very much. Impure food has been altered, denatured, de-mineralized, de-vitaminized and usually over cooked.

The belief in Physics is that everything is vibration.  Imagine that, everything in the universe and beyond is vibrating.  Our bodies are  highly refined organisms of atomic structures vibrating at high rates of speed.  We are bodies of energy effect by and affecting everything in our environment.  The foods we eat also have differently vibratory rates or frequencies.  Higher frequency foods like uncooked fruits and veggies, sprouted grains, seeds and nuts are rich in enzymes and life force.  These contribute to our vitality.  Lower frequency foods, include foods that are processed, chemically or biologically altered are a huge drain to our energetic system.  The body has to expend a lot of energy to transform and eliminate them from our systems.

The link between food and thought is similar.  Our thoughts are vibrations and attitudes during eating have a profound affect on digestion as well on our subtle energetic bodies.  So, if we eat food prepared by others we are taking in their thoughts and attitudes and even the intention of the people who group, process and distribute the foods have an influence on the food.

There are several ways to be mindful when eating and preparing food.  Be thankful, Be appreciative, Be present!  Take the time to enjoy what you are eating, who you are with and how that food got to your plate.  Also if you are preparing for yourself or others do the same.  It’s not rocket science, but it is sound science that what we eat and how we eat affect us vibrationally on many levels.  As we say you are what you eat!



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  1. Yes, I do believe it’s true that your thoughts and attitudes go into your cooking, then cross over to your diners. There are myriads of studies that show the power of intention in living and non-living entities. Thanks for the tip on this book. I hadn’t heard of it before.

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