Just in time for the holidays: A Free Holiday Survival Workshop & New 3 Month Program!

Let’s admit it the holidays are STRESSFUL!  They can be a lot of fun too!

Wow, it seems like christmas appleevery year there are more and more parties, family obligations and less time for yourself and the ones you love.  Top this off with chips and dip, cheese and meat platters,  chips and salsa and all those heavy foods at those holiday parties, mostly to soak up the booze, I think 😉 Not to mention the cookies, cakes and candy that show up at home or the office.  You just can’t get away from it!  It makes sense we can gain weight during this time of year.  Many of us say, “I’ll get back on track at the first of the year” or “I’ve already blown it so, whats the use”.  This crazy talk!  Why are you even setting yourself up with the idea that you will go “off track”?  Why are you willing to put your health at risk for those cookies or pie!

Treats are fine, but having a strategy to not go off the rails is better!  That cookie isn’t going to kill you, but it can lead to the slippery slope of the whole plate and other decisions not in your best interest.  I don’t want that for you.  I know you don’t really want it either. I want your holiday to be amazing, the best ever, with you feeling healthy, vibrant and loving your family and friends!  I know you want to rock that black dress for New Year’s Eve and shinning your amazing self at those gatherings and parties.  I know, you especially don’t want to be sick during the holiday, which happens so many times. Admit it you usually get sick at some point during the holidays!  We get stressed, tired and then we eat the wrong foods that don’t support our bodies and end up with a cold, the flu or even worse.  Those little buggers love to show up at the party or the mall, usually attached to a human who should have been home taking care of themselves!

So, what are we going to do about it?

FIRST, I will keep writing blogs on how to get through the holidays thriving and shinning, throwing in a recipe or two to take instead of the old standby! At least you will know there will be one healthy thing at the party!

SECONDLY, I am offering a FREE Holiday Survival Workshop, here in Salida, next week.  (Which I can bring on the road, Summit County and Evergreen Peeps).  Here is the Holiday Workshop Brochure!  The workshop is on Wednesday, November 20th, at 7:00 pm at my new office (another blog post on this exciting news coming) 301 Oak Street, Unit A, Salida.  We will explore how to avoid the pitfalls of the holiday parties and temptations that show up, how to nurture yourself with self-care and ways to enjoy your family and friends without stressing about everything else and be present.

1002233_10151454782801570_1978158726_nTHIRDLY, I am launching a 3 month program, we will meet 2 times per month either in person, by Skype or FaceTime or by phone, if you start now, you will be rockin your New Year with confidence, instead of feeling defeated and having to start over AGAIN! Think of how short your resolutions will be!  We will already have those things covered! By Valentines dinner with your sweetheart you’ll be loving yourself and your new attitude towards food, fitness, relationships, career and spirituality!  I will be there to support you through the next few weeks before the year winds down and send you into the new year soaring.  Don’t you deserve a present to yourself!  Consider this the best gift you can give yourself this year!  What is worth more than your own health and wellness?  I am offering a great discount for this program, $300 if paid in full or $350 if paid monthly.

PLEASE RSVP to 970-390-0649 or let me know in comments below you would like to attend the workshop or if you would like more information on the 3 month program, I’ll get you all the deets!

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