It’s ok to grieve!

MP900262788The past few days I have been on Facebook and the internet a lot because I have family and many friends in Boulder, Longmont, Niwot and Lyons, including my parents.  It seemed to be the fastest way to get news and be able to relay it on to my parents who don’t have internet.   It was hard to tear yourself away from everything going on and the drama’s of friends having to evacuate and the issues they are now coming back to in their homes.  My teacher Steven H. Young, sent an email out on his boyhood experience of surviving a flash flood when he was a 4-year-old.

“I know that the losses from this flood will impact families for generations and years as the Tuolumne River Flood impacted me 62 years ago. Many will not know how much loss there has been for some time. Give your self permission to grieve and to know that this can in fact be very hard to cope with.”

A lot has happened in the past few days to beautiful Colorado and towns I love as much as my own.  I know my friends are resilient and will bounce back.  I know these towns will come back too.  It’s what we do in Colorado, part of our pioneering spirit.  First we will need to grieve and allow that grief to move from despair to acceptance and hope.  We will move from denial, to anger and on to depression and finally acceptance.

I can relate to first stage of grief, denial. Last winter was a tough one for me.  I had to put my best fury friend Maya to sleep in December.  Lost my grandmother shortly after her hundredth birthday and then a mentor, friend and fellow spiritual seeker passed a few weeks after that.  I was in that numb denial state and for many reasons I was not allowing myself to grieve all this loss.    I was denying myself this process because it was too hard to handle, because I had some misplaced notion I should be stronger than this, but instead I just went numb, so denial was working very well for me!  Luckily I worked with the homeopathic Igantia to help me move through the stages and be able to express what I was feeling, to know it was ok and safe to grieve.  There are several essential oils that will also help with grief.  Several of the citrus oils will help lift your spirits and can be used either topically or aromatically, this includes Lemon, Bergamot, Wild orange.  Doterra’s proprietary blends of Elevation, with its citrus notes, and Balance, with its grounding affect, both can help.  Lavender, Clary sage, Eucalyptus and Helichrysum,  relax the nervous system, bring balance to your body and allow you start the process of finding acceptance and hope again.  I was lucky I had a great support system in friends and people in various healing modalities.  And once I was able to get out of denial and feel again, I was able to use my energy techniques to move through each phase.

Here is a list of some holistic ways to help you move through your process, you don’t need to resort to prescription drugs to mask what you are feeling:

  • Homeopathic’s
  • Essential oils
  • Flower essences
  • Experience you pain, talking with a trusted friend that allows you to feel safe
  • Exercise
  • Allow yourself to mourn, which is having the external response to grief.  Grief is internal
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Self care: massages, acupuncture, bodywork, energy and healing work, heck even a pedicure, something to allow yourself to feel loved and nurtured
  • Get into nature
  • Eat healthy foods and nourish your body
  • Journal
  • Tapping or EFT has been shown to relieve depression, PTSD and help you work through your process
  • Take up something new that you can focus on, get a new pet, start a new hobby or learn yoga
  • If it’s still too much get professional help

As people in front range come to realize the amount of devastation, the loss and strength of themselves and their communities, they will begin the process of healing.  It may take many years for things to return to “normal” in those communities and maybe it never will, but then normal is just something we put on things to categorize them.  With innovation, inspiration and ingenuity we will come back stronger, more connected to each other and able to help each other heal through these times.

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