I’m craving feeling more connectedness in my life, how about you?

I’m craving feeling more connectedness in my life, how about you?

Ugh!, this is the 3rd time I have tried to get a blog out this last week.  Finished over the weekend, and wanted to upload a photo and it didn’t upload, so hit save for the blog, logged out and logged back and everything that I had written was gone!  I thought it was a pretty darn good post too, but obviously the gremlins of wordpress didn’t like it!

I was sitting here starting to write a blog about something else, when I had a huge realization that I felt unconnected, from people, from nature, from life and from myself. I yearn for those deep conversations about spiritual things, about love and life, about where people are in their lives and truly how are they doing, about things that matter to them. I feel a little untethered from those I care for. Maybe this is because I have been working through my own stuff and dare I say a little self absorbed, a new puppy demanding a lot of my time hasn’t helped, But I had the insight this goes a lot deeper than that. Certainly, it could just be the time of the year, that we are all wanting to come out of winter sleepy time and ready to be part of the world again or is it more than that.

I do find when I am feeling something and talk with others they are feeling it too. I wanted to dig a little deeper and that is why I didn’t finish the blog the first time. I thought, is this a cycle, is it the season, is it something astrological or even electromagnetic? I am a pretty good barometer of external energies. I also know when I am feeling disconnected from others, at the deepest level I am disconnected from myself.  What I am feeling externally is just the mirror back to look at myself and my own inner workings.  As within, so with out!

After reading about the Lunar Eclipse in Libra from a couple different blogs and Robert Ohotto’s vlog, I did confirm that the energies are in transition right now. There is a huge amount of energy around change going on and we are being prodded to look at patterns that don’t  work in our lives, maybe relationship we are in and how we relate to those and tie up loose ends, clean up things that hanging or dangling and start something new.  Just as we spring clean our homes we are being encouraged to spring clean ourselves too.  We also can’t beat ourselves up or go into the victim mode about what we have done. We must look at what we all have accomplished so far.  We need to look at how spirit has set up events and synchronicities in our lives that are moving us along.

The energies of this eclipse will be with us for the rest of the week and will set us for the next 6 months until the next set of eclipses in September. If you would like to learn more about them check our Robert Ohotto’s Vlog and Chani Nicholas’s Blog on these energies. Full moons activate polarities and this is so true for me.  How I am relating to myself is exactly how I am relating to others.  There is an art to relating, to being engaged in your life and if you are disconnected then the flow of life and the allowance to be present to it can’t happen.  I like this quote from Chani’s blog

“It’s a time to succumb to what is. Be it grief or fear of greatness. Be it sorrow or regret that dogs you daily. It matters not what it is, it only matters that we allow clarity to come instead of splitting off from the truth. There is profound power held in the moments where we feel we couldn’t possibly accept the situation we are in. There is profound power in knowing that this is exactly what we need to accept. Maybe we have been left. Maybe our heart is broken. Maybe we did make a mess of things. OK. So be it. Stand in accountability and face the outcome of your choices. Hold space for your own emotional response.”

I also like knowing that everyone is feeling all this in some way and it wasn’t just me making stuff up.  We are at a huge crossroads, and this one has to do with relationships and our self esteem.   Aries (the sign we are in) deals with how we relate to ourselves and Libra deals with relationships to others.  There is that polarity again. These can be intimate relationships, close friends, family or just a person on the street. How do we set boundaries, how do we communicate and make choices within our relationship? What are the patterns that we see?  What didn’t work for us in the past?  Now we can gain some perspective and look at where our journey is taking us.  I would love to hear from you in the comments below on how this eclipse has affected you.  What are you noticing between now and the recent solar eclipse 2 weeks ago?  What changes are you noticing? What changes do you want to make?  How much emotional spring cleaning are you willing to do or being pushed by your soul into doing?  Know you aren’t the only ones going through this and by talking about it, others will feel safe to also talk about their experiences.


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  1. great post Lisa! I’ve definitely felt a shift these last two weeks, more productivity and a lot more ideas flowing in. Yesterday I got a late start on ‘real’ work because I finally sat down and put some visuals to my new business and personal intentions. it was a good delay! thanks for this, sandy

    • Sandy, thank you for sharing and I am so glad you are feeling the energy of the eclipse and creating a new beginning and new business! I can’t wait to hear all about it. So excited for you.

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