I am filled with Love and Joy!

It’s Christmas Eve, a very special day in the Bova family, as it was my grandmothers birthday.  In the tradition of the Italian families, Christmas eve was the feast of the seven fish! In celebration of her birthday and the feast we had a huge family dinner at my grandparents house.  Everyone came and everyone was welcome.  We would all cram into their basement and every surface was covered with food, cookies, olives and an evening long of eating many courses of pasta and fish!  My grandmother celebrated her 100th birthday last year, only to pass away on January 10th!  Today I honor and acknowledge her for her strength, beauty and love she carried for her family!

When I was probably 11 or so, I started to over and help my grandmother with the feast.  Cleaning fish, setting up chairs and tables, making breads, baking last-minute things and getting ready for my entire large family to come over.  We were loud, always talking over each other and opinionated!  It was exactly what you would expect from a large close-knit family.

I look at my life now and how much it has changed and taken many roads and many turns from that little girl, who ran up stairs with my cousins every 10 minutes to see if Santa came!  We would wait in wonderment and awe!  Of course someone would always tell us they heard the reindeer on the roof!  Which made us even more excited.

I now sit in awe of the people I have worked with over the past year and how they have grown and changed in their lives.  How they are accepting themselves and making changes to make themselves even better.  How the came into my coaching practice wanting to be more connected to themselves and taking the tools I showed them and have launched themselves into new and fantastic lives.  Not the same person they came in as.  They didn’t make those changes because of me and I am not saying I changed them, because I can’t change them. They did, they did the work, the self discovery and they dove into those corners and dusted out the old beliefs and habits, threw them into the dust bin and created new supportive habits.  Replacing those area’s of lack, of not enough(ness), of this is how I am, of not loving themselves with self nurturance and love.

Today I sit and am filled with love and joy for what these brave souls have accomplished.  How they have come so far and how they will keep moving forward polishing that gem that is their true self!  I want to wish everyone who comes to my website and blog, Facebook pages and who I coach,  an amazing holiday and new year to come.  This is the time to let go of those things that don’t serve you and don’t nourish your soul.



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