Honoring the Divine Feminine Workshop!

I am pleased to announce that my good friend Mia Foley is coming to town again, to have one of her amazing workshops at my office.  We started doing workshops last summer and they have been great.  This will be the first of several for the year.  If you haven’t experienced one of Mia’s workshops they are fantastic!  Her work is very grounded, while being light and fun at the same time.   She is offering this workshop on honoring the feminine,  just in time to celebrate spring, rebirth and new growth.  Here’s the details:



Divine Feminine

A Develop Your Intuition Workshop

Run and clear your unique female creative energy and release energies that keep you from feeling empowered and honored. Be the spiritual leader and healer that you are, owning all aspects of the Divine Feminine, from Healer to Seductress to Warrior! Update your own feminine space as a sacred vessel of the Goddess. This is a wonderful space to replenish your energy and nourish yourself.

Since seating is limited, please let me know if you are

planning to attend.

When:  Sunday, March 24th, 11am-3pm

Where:  222 F Street (upstairs), Salida

Price:  $50

Contact:  Mia Foley



Summit County friends, this class starts late enough in the morning to make it easy for you to attend.  Plus, its spring over here!  I just saw my first crocus’s blooming! Start this new spring season off with your feminine energy fully awake, strong and alive within yourself.    You will be amazed how it will change your life and definition of what it is be in a female body!  Hope to see you there, you don’t want to miss it!  MP900437392

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