Has anyone else had an interesting week?

Has anyone else had an interesting week?

Wow, what a week!  A hail storm on Tuesday did a number on my garden, veggies thrashed and flowers, leaves and plants IMG_0127smooshed to the ground.  It was intense. As I stood under my covered patio, all I could was watch. Many things will come back, hopefully a little stronger than before, some had to be torn out and replanted with new seeds.  This is a metaphor for life and especially my life right now.  Parts of it have been thrashed to the ground, but I know I will come back stronger, other parts needed to be pulled and replanted, with new idea’s, new hope and tended to, like fragile baby plants with loads of self care and love!

I am sensitive enough to know there was a lot of energy happening this week.  It made me completely re-look at my business and my life.  I know, I had promised a freebie in celebration of the re-launch of this site.  I got things ready, finished up the page explaining the free product and sign up form and in the end couldn’t hit publish.  I went into my heart and looked at what was causing the resistance, was it fear of putting something out there, was it not “perfect” enough for my perfectionist part, was it a block somewhere that wasn’t letting me hit the button, that I just needed to move through.  It didn’t feel like any of those and what it felt like was that I wasn’t being authentic, that it truly wasn’t what I want to putting out there.  That something is trying to be birthed, but it just hasn’t come yet and I feel like I have been throwing things at the wall to see if they would stick.  The past few days I have been searching my soul and really trying to connect with that part.  It’s what we all have to do sometimes.  We need to slow down, we need to stop the mind, we need to take our fingers off the keyboard and hit post, we need to step back, take time and listen.  Listen to that very small voice that is so faint sometimes we don’t hear it over the to do list or the screaming of our mind telling us to get it done, push through, don’t look at the resistance and just do it.

For now I don’t know where this is all taking me (so no freebie up yet).  But I am listening, being quite and waiting for that voice of my heart to make it self known.  July 12th at 7:25 AM is the full moon.  I am excited to have it come.  I read that this full moon will carry us into the next chapter of our lives.  It is chalked full of information and support if we can tune into it.  So tonight I sit candles glowing, being open to what my soul is guiding me to do, allowing the voice to grow and leading with heart instead of my mind.

Many people I have talked with this week are commenting on the manic pace of the week, it seemed like with the holiday it made it go even faster.  Lots to do, chaos and confusion for some.  How about you, did this week seem intense for you?  How do you listen to your heart/soul?  What does it tell you?  Take some time this weekend to slow down, breathe, let the energy of this powerful full moon carry you to the next chapter in your life.  Find stillness and listen.

Please feel free to use the comments below to talk about the questions I have posed!  I love to hear what you are experiencing.

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  1. Right on Lisa. Great advise, and yes, it’s been a shit storm week! Here’s to the courage and strength we “come back” with to begin again.

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