Happy 4 of July Weekend

Happy 4 of July Weekend

The year is half way over and it’s been a wild ride.  At the beginning of the year I was asked to write a blog for a friends website.  She asked me to choose a word for the year.  My word was freedom.   Six months latter on the day that word means so much to manny of us, it is still playing out in my life.  Words are very powerful when set with intention.  Just as it meant so much for our country to be free, or later for slaves to gain their freedom.  Freedom something we as human beings are always seeking.   Here’s a link to the post I wrote for her company Happy First . Reading back to that blog much of it holds true, but so much has changed.  And maybe that is fodder for another blog.

For now, who wants to be inside reading a blog, a Facebook post or anything else.  We should be with family, friends and loved ones, celebrating what freedom means to each of us individually, as a nation and as a world.  There are many parts of the world where people aren’t free.  Here in the US we are pretty luckily to be able to explore what freedom means on a personal level.  Freedom to be ourselves, freedom to know ourselves, freedom to explore and learn.

Here’s the list from the blog of how I wanted to freedom in my life

  • Freedom to feel.
  • Freedom to be fully in my body and accept where it is day to day.
  • Freedom to be vulnerable.
  • Freedom to risk.
  • Freedom to give and receive.
  • Freedom to love.
  • Freedom to hope.
  • Freedom to choose.
  • Freedom to believe.
  • Freedom to be happy.
  • Freedom to be at peace.
  • Freedom to completely realize my dreams and goals.
  • Freedom to fully engage in life.
  • Freedom to be an active and conscious participant.
  • Freedom to know my values and live them
  • Freedom to be me.

After 6 months now there are couple more I would add to the list.  Freedom to have a life I love and business that supports me to explore being free.  Freedom to know myself and my talents.

Use the comments below and if you get a chance to tell me what freedom means to you, I would love to hear it.



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  1. Hi Lisa! I’m so happy to hear how well you are doing. Not that I ever doubted you for one moment. Although you don’t hear from me often, I always peek at your postings and long to be there to take part in what you’re doing. The Thursday Happy Hours are a fantastic idea!!! I hope you’re having fun with it and enticing more people to explore themselves, find their freedom and perhaps sign up as clients. Wishing you much happiness, love and freedom! tina

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