Do You Feel Like You Need A Detox After Thanksgiving? 3 Reasons Why You Should!

Christmas Tree on S-Mountain, downtown Salida, holiday parade
Christmas Tree on S-Mountain, downtown Salida, holiday parade

Let’s face it, no matter how hard we try with family and friends around, it is hard not to indulge a little for Thanksgiving.  I didn’t get worried or worked up about it because I had a plan.  My plan was to eat a little bit of what I liked, stay clear of too much alcohol, wheat and start a gentle detox on Monday!  I have to admit I made the most amazing pumpkin cheesecake with a salted caramel sauce that was to DIE for… really it was over the top.  I had a small piece for  Thanksgiving dinner and one again last night after our holiday parade and Christmas tree lighting on S Mountain.  And yes I can feel it, it was yummy while it lasted, but I find my sinuses get stuffed up when I don’t eat right, I feel sluggish, gassy and bloated. I have puffy eyes and dark circles under them. With all that, it makes me want to drink coffee to pep up my system and pep up my tired body, which is fighting all the havoc the cheesecake and sugar caused.  Two days of that and I am ready to get back on track.  What’s my solution.  A three-day gentle vegan detox, with whole foods, no caffeine, processed foods, dairy, meat,  wheat (which I don’t eat anyway) and very little grains. I will probably throw a little rice or quinoa in at lunch to make sure my blood sugar stays strong through the afternoon, so I am not tempted to get a cup of coffee to get through my busy day with clients.  It will mostly include lots of good detoxing veggies and nutritious smoothies, a soup or two and tons of self-love and nurturance.  There’s no point in beating myself up about what I ate.  I love food and anyone who knows me knows I do.  The good news for many years of being gluten and corn free, dairy free and eating whole foods, I do allow myself the latitude to have some fun and eat what I want.  I almost put “eat badly”, but really, its food and tasty food at that, made with love.  I put a lot of love into the food I make, many recipes being handed down from my beloved grandmother Bova.  She taught me to cook and she taught me to put love in the food.  If eaten in moderation and knowing how the food reacts in your body you too can judge how much is too much and when to “reel it in”, as my BF Patty says.

A week ago I did a holiday survival workshop and gave everyone who attend a copy of the Three Day Fall Detox.  I am offering that to you also.  Just give me your name and email address below and I will send you a copy, for free!  It’s full of daily menu’s and daily recipes.  If you sign up for the detox, I will send three daily emails to check in, with extra information on self-care and thriving during the holidays and not just surviving.  Even if you don’t do the detox this week, you still have three weeks before Christmas to do it or even between Christmas and New Years so you will be rockin that little black dress!  

Three reasons to do a detox during the holiday season:

  1. Boost your immune system at the height of cold and flu season.
  2. Boost your mood, energy and productivity by clarifying the mind
  3. Shed excess weight before it’s little black dress time

I have also been busy dreaming up a couple of online programs for the holidays, the first of those will be launched this week.  I have also designed a 3 month program that will help you rock the new year, with goal setting, creating resolutions that are attainable, looking at your finances and getting organized, bringing in yoga, meditation or a spiritual practice. This program will be by phone, by Skype or FaceTime and online.  Nutrition will be a component but not the focus of this program. This isn’t like my standard programs, it is totally new and exciting.  It will be designed more by you and your desires and goals, I will be here to support, coach, hold you accountable and give you the tools your need to rock out the new year in style. More details to follow this week on this program. Keep an eye out on my Facebook coaching page (give it a like also)and here on my website for more information and launch dates!

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