Day 7 Final Day of My Raw Food Challenge.

301348_362750723806151_1205820921_nThis is the final day of my personal challenge and even though we are going out tonight to see a friends band play and meet some friends there, I will probably jump off the challenge tonight to have a margarita.  I will probably stick with my usual salad, so I won’t be getting to far off.  I have found out a few things along that way.  You need to flexible and allow for a treat to two, if not you do feel deprived and that makes it hard to stick with in your mind!   It’s really not hard, eating raw most of the time is really pretty easy, if you are organized and have a good selection of amazing produce and fruits this time of year.  I have used grains for years to replace protein to fill me up and keep my meat and poultry down.  I have red meat or pork a couple of times a year and chicken, turkey, and fish, several times a week.  I now know, I can get along ok without either, although I am sure I will add them back in after the challenge.  Maybe just not as much and won’t rely on them to fill me up, so to speak.  I told my guy yesterday for now, I would like to keep my diet around 60 to 80% raw and add small amounts of protein in or grains in.  I don’t think for now I will combine grains and meat/fish/poultry, because my stomach still is a little off and my bloat that I was hoping to help didn’t go away.  I think it may have been the increase in fruits which I don’t have a lot of because I have a history of candida.  I think the fruit even though I tried not to eat too much or with other foods, is just too much sugar for my system.  Also, I tend to be a seasonal eater and my body responds well to eating that way.  The Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for my body have it right.  There is certain point come the end of October that salads won’t cut it for me anymore and I need to change and eat for the up coming season.

In my challenge I asked the participants to look at their “whys”…. why the did the challenge, what was their deeper reason, beyond I want to try.  Was it to lose weight, gain some clarity or feel lighter in their bodies.  I don’t own a scale, so don’t know if I lost weight, although with my increase in water and fiber I went to the bath room more, it’s hard to tell if I lost weight, because of the protruding tummy!  I do feel like and lighter in my body and I think my mind is clearer and not as foggy.

The challenge helped me get some awareness as to where my body is now compared to the last time a did a raw food cleanse about 10 years ago.  I did that one for 7 days also, this one was easier in many ways.  There are more recipes out there, more things to add (like maca, chia and hemp)  more ideas and more energy around going raw.

You can still sign up anytime for the 7-day raw food challenge!  Here’s a link and I will get started with a raw foods guide and when you are ready to start the 7 days I will send you daily emails with ideas, support and recipes to get you inspired to go the 7 days and beyond!  

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