Day 5 Raw Food Challenge

Today was navigating eating lunch out with a friend.  We went to a little local Vietnamese restaurant, that has a very limited menu… I mean 5 items.  Luckily they had a seaweed salad as a special.  I asked for it without the fried shallots, everything else was raw, except maybe the sesame oil used on the salad, but with a limited choice I thought I did pretty good.  Luckily many places will accommodate special diets.  You can always order a salad with olive oil and lemon wedges on the side and use that as your dressing.  In a small town like Salida you don’t have a lot of choices, so you do have to flexible and allow for the occasional non raw items, especially if this is going to be lifestyle choice for you.  You don’t want to take it so seriously that you limit your time with friends or time eating out.  I love to eat out, I also love to cook and that is probably why I love to eat out… I love good food.  So, as I lifestyle choice I wouldn’t want to let eating a raw diet affect those social things in my life.  I also enjoy having friends over for dinner and although some of them think my food choices are already crazy, before trying raw, now I would totally put some of them over the top.  We have several friends who aren’t very adventurous in the food realm, so a chocolate dessert made with cacao powder, avocado and raw honey would send them running down the street.  With a little planning I am sure I could come up something that would accommodate everyone.  Today I learned that you need to flexible and hopefully not so rigid that you miss out on things or go hungry because you can’t find something that will work with a few changes on the menu.  There are always way to do it, just use your imagination!

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