Day 4 Raw Food Challenge

swiss-chard-image-1It’s been warm here the past few days!  So went out for an early bike ride before the heat set in.  Mind you we aren’t talking above 90 heat, but at 7000 feet and clear sky’s the sun is intense and it makes it feel a lot warmer than it is!  With that said eating a raw diet this time of year is welcome.  Number one, its cooling to the body and number 2 you don’t have the heat up the kitchen.  These old brick house’s don’t have AC so keeping the house closed up and cool is key.  When you crave cold juicy watermelon and cold fruit, having a blender is great because you came blender ice cream with coconut milk and frozen berries or replace the coconut with a frozen banana… Yum a great evening treat.  Many raw foodist use high-speed blenders, food processors, juicer and dehydrators as their appliance of choice.  Since you aren’t using pans, the stove or oven, these become key in creating great and tasty meals.  One thing for sure with all those appliances you won’t get stuck in rut.  Planning and prep take up what is usually the cooking time and a sharp knife and grater/microplane are key!   I am finding that a large chard leaf picked from the garden makes a great wrap for just about anything!  It’s easy to grate some carrot, cukes, cut some tomatoes and avocado and add some cashew nut cheese and you have a great lunch or snack.  I don’t have the juicer or a dehydrator and if I was going to go down the raw food way of life for a long period of time, they would be fun to have.  I also noticed I am not wanting as much salt, another good thing about raw food, it just tastes better!

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