Blueberry Coconut Blender Ice Cream!

I have a friend starting Chemotherapy this week for breast cancer.  I have been helping her with being prepared, food to stocked and some tasty, easy treat ideas!  Yesterday I was reading through the book her doctors handed her on what to eat.  One of their recipes for if you weren’t feeling well and needed to get calories was a banana milkshake, made with banana, peanut butter and lots of ice cream.  A few pages later in the book they had a whole section saying many people can develop lactose intolerance during their chemo.  Some get over it, some never do….. so why did they have several recipes in the book using milk, cheese and other dairy. Last night after dinner with my friend in mind I created a simple treat that she can have anytime.  It will taste great,  is easy to make, give her some calories and fat and soothe her mouth or throat if she gets a dry mouth.  I wish I had made this one during my raw food challenge!  It would have been a great treat.  This is something anyone would like even if you can handle dairy!  The blueberry and coconut tastes awesome together.  Any frozen fruit would do and I would think frozen mango would be awesome!


1 Cup Frozen Blueberries

1/2 cup canned coconut milk, chilled in the fridge for several hours

a splash or 2 of coconut, almond or hemp milk

Makes 2 servings

Add blueberries, chilled canned coconut milk (it should be thick and creamy) and a splash or 2 of coconut milk and blend away.  My blender has an ice cream setting and I use that.  If you are using a regular blender or nutri-bullet you may need a little more coconut milk to get it moving.  Scrape the sides down if you need.  Scoop the ice cream out into bowls and add some toppings if you like.  I put a couple sliced almonds on mine.  A few shavings of dark chocolate, coconut or fresh blueberries would be nice toppings.  The canned coconut gives it the mouth feel of cream and keeps the texture creamy and not icy.


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