Are you feeling exhausted, overweight and have digestive issues? It might be candida.

Candida is an overgrowth of yeast, (Candida albicans) and is the cause of conditions known as candidiasis or Candida Related VegetablesComplex (CRC). It is a yeast or fungus that normally is present both on inner and outer body surfaces.  It co-exists with a number of other friendly microorganisms in our digestive tract and in women’s vagina.  It has been linked to many symptoms, including food allergies, digestive issues, PMS, skin rashes, chronic infections like sinus or yeast infections, chemical and environmental sensitivities, mental fuzziness, poor memory and loss of sex drive.  Candida occurs side by side with many autoimmune diseases, like chronic fatigue, AIDS, Epstein Barr and Fibromyalgia.  It is also present in cancer, pneumonia, bronchitis and other diseases.  Experts estimate that one in three Americans have candida.

The major factors in this huge number people is our use of antibiotics and birth control pills.  It overgrows and thrives when we eat a high sugar, acid forming, low mineral diet.  The vagina and intestines are the perfect moist environment for this fungus to grow and then spread quickly through our blood stream and begin creating colonies of yeast in and around every organ.  At this point it becomes a systemic infection.  When yeast multiplies it produces toxic waste products that poison and weaken our immune and endocrine system.  Just 2 days on antibiotics can precipitate candida overgrowth!

My story with candida starts as recurring sinus infections, exhaustion, bloating and digestive issues.  I was on the pill for many years and also usually taking several course of antibiotics to clear up my sinus infections.  My accupuncturist had recommended giving up wheat…. what an Italian not eating pasta and bread….unheard of!  After an allergic reaction to crab cakes on mixed green salad, that lead into an immediate sore throat and sinus issues for weeks.  I threw in the towel and knew I had some sort of issue with foods intollerances and my immune system.  My best friend recommended I seen Vivian Rice in Colorado Springs who was a holistic healer, who specialized in candida, allergies and nutritional issues.  After working with Vivian’s partner Kathryn Duboue’, for many months, I was able to eliminate my candida and symptoms, using diet and supplements to detox my body from this fungal invader.   That was 1991 and I have lived by a candida prevention diet ever since, this is also the major reason I became a health and wellness expert.  I knew if this team of amazing healers could help me, I could take their methods and lifestyle changes and help others obtain vibrant lives!

To kick candida to curb, I had to be on a strict diet, eliminating, wheat, corn, dairy, all sugar, red meat, shell-fish, processed foods and several vegetables. I also used food combining to allow my digestion to work in its proper way and not be over taxed by allowing the digestive enzymes to do their work.  I increase my supplements and used probiotics to establish good bacteria in my gut.  The goal was to create a slightly alkaline environment in my body and allow the good yeast to thrive and bad yeast to die off!

I  am working with several clients on issues with candida and helping them eliminate the food that contributes to candida.I incorporate a health form you fill out, muscle testing and my intuitive background to determine if you have candida and what foods are best for you to eat.

My candida diet will:

  • Strengthen your immune system, organs and digestive tract
  • starve the yeast
  • balance your internal chemistry
  • reestablish, feed and restore your inner ecosystem

The benefits you will experience are:

  • Increased energy and sex drive
  • less bloat and digestive issues
  • loss weight, most clients experience weight loss because they are eating a whole food diet
  • fewer colds, virus and infections
  • eliminate of symptoms of many chronic issues,, inflammation  and autoimmune disease

Don’t just take my word on this, three excellent sources are Dr Crook author of The Yeast Connection, Donna Gates author, Body Ecology and Candida Support (dot) Org.  These sites and books also have basic test you can take to determine if you have candida.

If you have used antibiotics, been on the pill or suspect candida, I can help.  I have been there, I have done it myself and I still live by what I learned over 20 plus years ago.  My candida has come back, usually if I get too much sugar or processed foods in my diet or those couple of times I had to go on antibiotics for dental surgery.  Luckily, I know when I am craving sugar and wanting to head down the candy isle at the supper market that it’s time to be strict, amp up my probiotics and practice food combining and within a few weeks my body has returned to normal.  This is one of those health issues I think you need a lot of help and support on, it is hard to read a book and try to work the diet, besides cleansing your body, many times you are also cleansing your mind of toxic thoughts and patterns that have developed over the years of having a toxic body.  The two go hand in hand and someone to guide you through the physical and emotional issues that come is important.  I am here to help and have a lot of tools in my tool chest to help you!


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