Ahhh Spring, Can You Feel the Shift?

Ahhh Spring, Can You Feel the Shift?

Can you feel it?  The shift, the subtle change of the Spring Equinox, new moon solar eclipse, the change from Pisces into Aries, (the first house in the astrological chart) and the end of an 18.6 year moon cycle?  Not to mention some huge energy hitting out planet from space.  For many it’s been a doozie!  A very unique line up and huge shift for many.  From everything I have read, this is launching us into new beginnings.  Moving out of the chaos of the past few weeks for some and into imagining what is next.

When last spring came, my entire life was turned upside down with my fiancé leaving our home we so carefully choose, in a town I thought we both loved.  We had added a beautiful artistic fence, we made raised beds and put irrigation in for our huge veggie garden and herb garden. I could have feed the whole neighborhood with kale! We choose furniture, created a great outdoor living space and found art that would reflect our life together. I was finally starting to feel at home in Salida and was getting my intutive coaching business going, as many of you know.  I have always been able to move through breakups in my life and come out the other side, stronger, knowing better what I wanted and needed in my life and hopefully more compassionate for myself and the other person.  This time was a whole lot harder and pretty much left me afloat, feeling lost and trying to find a safe shore to land. My best friend had left, someone I was with all the time, we rarely were apart and when we were, we would text each other something funny or picture of something we noticed. A year later almost to the day when he left, I am starting to feel the slow and subtle shift of letting go and moving forward again.  I have a good friend who would use the phrase “wings in”, meaning like a baby birdie in the nest with their wings in.  Taking the time to rest, get nourished, protecting itself, get it’s footing and I added this, be ready when mom kicks it out of the nest! That is where I have been for the past year, total WINGS IN. Mom, right now, the Universe, Source, My Inner Being, call it what you want, is finally kicking me out of the nest.  Asking me to spread my wings and fly again.  Soar over my life and start to put all the pieces back into place in a new way and find myself in ashes of that relationship.

Can you believe these crazy ass crocus that came up in Frisco, CO, elevation 9075 to celebrate the first day of spring.
Can you believe these crazy ass crocus that came up in Frisco, CO, elevation 9075 to celebrate the first day of spring and I just noticed the heart shaped rock next to them….. Ahhh Spring!

Where are you tracking right now?  What has happened to you in past year or better yet, what was up for you 18.6 years ago.  At that exact time for me, I left my husband and our 14 year relationship.  What do you think is up for you right now?  For me, I guess it is about relationship with others, especially intimate ones.  For you it may be something else?  What are you noticing?  Who is showing up to play or to leave?  What new beginnings do you want to create?  Where do you want to go with your life and this next 18.6 year moon cycle?  This energy will be here through the weekend, so take time to notice where you are, what you want to create and maybe do a ceremony or meditation of letting go of the past and welcome the changes that are coming.  Create that new beginning now and plant the seeds to come alive this summer and onward!

I know my life and my business are shifting and I have been nudged by more that angle to bring my intuitive, clairvoyant, healer side back into my teaching, my businesses and incorporate it more into what I talk about, how I act and where I let it led me. Getting back to me and remembering I am enough, just as I am, is where I am starting my journey.

I would love to here from you below in the comments, what you are noticing, what you want to create and how you will honor letting go and new beginnings?


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  1. So true, Lisa…..spring is in the air…..so many things changing….some for the good, some for an unknown future…..some??? who knows….relish the newness that is to come in your garden, in your heart and in your soul……

    • Thank you Besty, I love the garden reference, because now we get to nurture those new seeds that we have planted. Hugs to you!

    • Thank you Lily! Isn’t that a great analogy? I hope all is well with you and you are enjoy spring and getting ready for your move, if you haven’t done it already. Big changes for you too!

  2. Yay! Such a great post Lisa! Thanks for the inspiration to take advantage of this energy to create anew, plant the seeds. This energy is definitely stimulating us to be creative but it can also feel very chaotic. It is up to us to anchor it. I’m so happy to see you spreading your wings and inspiring us to do the same. That’s how we anchor this New Us, New Earth! You have a wonderful knack for putting it all in words. Thank you!

    • Thank you Mary! I am glad I inspired you and am excited to see you spread your wings also! Amidst that chaos there are times of real calm when we can regroup and ground ourselves in the new.

  3. Hi Lisa. I’ve been away from Colorado for a while; stretching, growing and traveling; visiting family and friends around the country. I had a break up experience about a year ago, as well. I like you “wings in” phrase. I’m going to use it from now on. Life is great and it’s only getting better. I know what I want and I’m not settling anymore. I’m optimistic for the future and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to stay grounded by reading your wonderful newsletters. Keep up the good work. I’ll be back soon.

    • Emma, so glad you are having fun and enjoying friends and family! I look forward to seeing how you spread your wings and what new beginnings appear for you! Thank you for the kind works and I look forward to catching up when you get back. Hugs, Lisa

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