IMG_0042 A Message from Lisa about the path we take.

Hi I am Lisa Bova and my passion is to help you create a happy, healthy, life you love.

It’s about loving you, your life, celebrating your uniqueness and flawsomeness (Thank you Robert Ohotto for this word.  You are awesome, flaws and all) and living your life to its fullest!

I help you cultivate a heart centered relationship with yourself, your home, your relationships, a career that you love and inspires you, your creativity, a spiritual practice, all while holding the space for you to have it.

The Path

I have been where you are, stressed, feeling depleted, not loving myself or who I had become.  I was looking for answers, trying to figure out myself and human nature in general.  Wondering what my unique gift is and how I can live my purpose.  Throughout my life I have studied many modalities of healing, learned about healthy eating and how to do intuitive readings and read energy.  I sought out healers, nutritionist, shamans and spiritual teachers. I took in what they did and had to say and after many of years of learning, finally put all that into a what I do today.  After two major health issues, chronic candida and fibromyalgia.  I realized my true passion and talents were in helping people through the maze of self discovery.  I gave up a career in as a very successful real estate broker and owner, so that I could help others in a more healing and nurturing way.

I had been looking to find training that incorporated not just food, but relationships, career, spirituality, health, all those things that feed us. Finally after searching and studying under many teachers and learning many aspects of myself and humans, I received my training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I was trained in more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. Drawing on this knowledge, along with my intuitive schooling through Psychic Horizons, in Boulder, I will help you create a completely personalized “roadmap to health and wellbeing” that suits your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals.

My education, along with my life experiences, has equipped me with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health and lifestyle coaching.  I attended the graduate program of Psychic Horizons,which also allowed me to become an ordained minister. I attended a 4 year hands on healing school, Crossroads School of Healing, that taught among other things, Barbara Brennan‘s hands on healing, Carolyn Myss‘s Sacred Contracts and  basics in astrology and other metaphysical teachings. I am a Reiki master and studied many years under Steven Young in the Human Validation Process Model, through People Making of Colorado and pioneered by Virginia Satir. My real life experiences in managing a real estate office I owned, along with serving on my local and state associations of Realtors plus selling real estate for over 27 years give me an overall knowledge of balancing career, stress, family.

20120905-163038.jpgMy Part

My goal is to create a sacred space to allow true healing to happen. Between work, play, family and relationships finding that healthy balance in your life can be hard. With my extensive background in sales, management and training in the Human Validation Model. I give you ideas to make your life more balanced in all aspects. We will look at those area’s where you are experiencing the most pain in your life and work to transform them into your strongest ally! A teacher of mine talks about making your pain sacred and until we can unearth those painful area’s, look at them for the gifts and resources they are, we can’t create true change.

Your Part

You have inner guidance, but sometimes we get so far away from our own intuition that we have to learn how to start using it and trusting it again. We will learn about how food affect our vibration, our resonance.  We will learn how mediation will create that connection with ourselves and our inner guidance.  We will come to understand that we are vibrational beings and that we can create and manifest in our lives. Together we will empower you to put all the pieces together to help you unlock the keys to you and create that sacred space to allow you unlock those doors that are getting in your way.  Your part is coming with an open heart and mind and ready to open to the possibilities.

Our Part

It’s about creating lifestyle changes that you can carry with you throughout your life. It’s about supporting you to make decisions that are better for your health and wellness. It’s about learning how something feels, instead of that same old reaction or learned habit that may not be suiting you anymore. Life is about making decisions and with my help you will learn to make empowered decisions. You will learn ways to intuitively make decisions for your over-all well-being!  My philosophy looks at the whole picture of your life, then together we will set obtainable goals. With easy steps to create the full life of your dreams.  I will be your coach and cheerleader, I will push you when needed and hold you accountable. Then I will sit back and watch you soar because you deserve a fantastic life that meets your wildest dreams!

Learn the keys to finding the new your through my transformational approach. Integrating the latest in nutrition, health and wellness with my training in the field of energy work and human validation. I will use all my tools in tool chest helping you create the healthy life you have been desiring!

I offer a free 50 minute Break Through Session, either in person, on the phone, via Skype or FaceTime.  In this session we well discuss your goals and see if we are good fit.


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