A Secret Weapon to Make Your New Years Resolutions Real

Although I said, I discouraged people from making New Year resolutions, here are some great idea’s and tips to help you make real change in your life.  As I said in a previous post, the problem with resolutions are we make them to unrealistic,  make too many at one time and then beat ourselves up when we don’t do them, so we stop and fall back into that comfort zone.

A brand new guide: The Definitive Guide to Accomplishing Your Resolutions  is jam-packed with tips on how to make your New Year’s resolutions a reality… for real!  In a few detailed steps, this guide outlines just how easy it is to achieve your resolutions, and get the ball rolling toward an improved, more healthful life. Remember, no goal is too lofty, so dream big!

A New Year means a New You!  So kick off 2013 right by making your wellbeing and success your top priority. Fortunately,  here is  just the way to make your resolutions stick this year.GraduateBnr10-180x150

Here’s what’s inside:

  • The best kept secret for making resolutions a reality
  • The right way to set your resolutions to ensure success
  • 12 resolutions to make 2013 your healthiest, happiest year

To make it even easier I will pick a resolution for each month and work on that resolution.  That way I am not trying to do it all in January.  I am making changes gradually and if I stick with something for at least 21 days it starts to become a habit.  My January resolution is meditate at least 10 minutes a day with goal of 20 minutes per day.  For February the month of love, my goal will be to take care of my heart, with that I will work on more compassion and loving kindness towards myself and others.  I will also take my heart healthy supplements daily, (something I don’t always do) fish oil, CoQ10, and B-complex vitamins, including B-12, B-6 and folic acid.  I will increase my fiber in my diet with more veggies, fruits and less meat, increase my green tea consumption, in place of the black tea I drink.  For March, I will focus more on my diet and getting more meat and the little diary I do consume out.  I would like to also keep reducing my coffee intake, although it is not daily or sometimes even weekly, I still go in phases where I will have a some.  I don’t know if I can ever be vegan, I already found a big drop in energy only after a few days of trying the vegan challenge, but I can certainly eat less meat and add more vegetables.  April, since I will be back home in Salida, will be my month of self-care, regarding my body, I will add an additional Pilates class, to my 2 weekly and add a gentle yoga class back in.  I will also seek some body work practitioners to help with my lower back pain, my body is crying out for some more love from a skilled body workers.

What I really like about this plan is it is divided into all the area’s in your life, just like I do with my coaching clients in setting their goals, we don’t just focus on food or losing weight.  A goal could be as simple getting a time management program in place ,either with a day planner or a computer app and using it for a month!  If your time is being managed and you aren’t feeling as out of control there, other area’s will also shift and you may increase your exercise by adding it into you daily plan. On page 12 of the Resolution Guide you’ll find a resolutions sheet that you can print out to write down your 2013 goals, stick to the fridge or the mirror in your bathroom, and look at every day so that you never lose sight of what the year ahead holds for you.

I am wishing everyone a wonderful 2013 and I hope this guide helps you in reaching your goals for the year.  One thing the guide doesn’t mention which I feel is critical is get help with your goals, get buy-in from others to keep you on track.  Have some else you are accountable to, whether it’s a workout buddy, a friend or family member or a health coach like me!  Find someone who is there for you and only wants to see you succeed.  And don’t make it that negative Nellie person in your life.  Make it some who only cares about your wellbeing and success and encourages you to stick with the plan.  If you want to make your health, wellness and overall attitude your priority for this year, call me for a free Break Through Strategy session!  I can help you get there faster and easier than you may think!

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