10 Ways to Feel Better Now!

Ok we survived the Valentines holiday and have a several weeks until Easter.  Hopefully you threw out the rest of the chocolates!  If you haven’t yet please do.  I know the grocery store is full of easter candy already and dang those Jelly Beans are so tempting.  Before you steer you cart down the Easter Isle, like it’s on autopilot.  Try these easy ways to clean up your diet and lifestyle therefore making the Easter Isle a little less tempting.  If you are feeling good and eating right you can walk right past those temptations easily, because you are full of energy, sleeping better and taking steps to reduce your stress!  Now do you really want to screw that up? 

Try these easy tips to bring your body back into balance:

  1. Drink more water.  Have a glass first thing when you get up.  Better yet, have some warm water with 1/2 a lemon or a drop or two of DoTerra lemon oil, if you have sensitive teeth.
  2. Yay we are coming in spring, which means more greens in the grocery store.  Grab em, eat em, put them in your smoothies or juice them.  A green smoothie or juice will revitalize and energize you on daily basis.  I know, I hate to miss a day!
  3. Cut our the white stuff in your diet.  Eat more whole grains. Don’t get tempted by all the gluten-free products out there, they are usually full of sugar, weird chemicals to make them more like their wheat counterpart and many times too much fat.  Stick with whole grains like, brown rice, quinoa, millet, if you can handle gluten, barely. I had dinner with a friend last night who recently gave up wheat, she is amazed at how much better she feels.
  4. Cook more!  I know it sometimes easier to grab something on the go or bring home a pizza, but make meals that can be repurposed into something else later in the week.  Cook something once eat it twice.
  5. Eat less or eliminate all together red meat, dairy, sugar, chemicalize and processed junk food.  Consume less coffee, alcohol and tobacco.  We all know this but when we get stressed many of these are the ones we want to go.  Next I’ll give some idea’s to knock that habit out too!
  6. Develop easy and reliable habits to nurture yourself. Self-care is key, dry brushing or using a warm wash cloth to exfoliate and massage before a shower is one way to connect with your body.  Our skin is our biggest organ.  Treat it like the food you eat,  use natural or organic skin products, eliminate chemicals.
  7. Make sure your relationships are healthy and they support you.
  8. Find a physical activity you like and do it!
  9. Find work you love or find a way to the work you do.
  10. Develop a spiritual practice. Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, a church or group that discusses things of a more spiritual nature.  Find a group where you feel supported to be you!

The list is pretty simple.  We all know it.  The hard part is setting your life up in a way that it works.  That’s where a coach comes in.  We help you set goals that you can measure and keep you on track and accountable with them.  We are the cheerleader on the sidelines watching you shine and learning more about self-love and feeling amazing in your life.  Want to learn more about how these items can be attainable check out some of my programs, either online or in person, I have several levels and options that will ease you into taking better care of yourself.  Check  out my programs page, to find one that is right for you.  Want to see what I do, sign up for a free Break Through Strategy Session.


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